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Our work

We are proud of both the projects we've built from scratch and with those we contributed to their growth.



Agora is a decentralised crypto exchange built on top of Aion Blockchain. It has a rich set of features for traders, bots and other open API integrations.


Alphablock is an open platform for analysis and prediction of stock market. It is using blockchain and zero-knowledge proof to store the predictions of an algorithm along with it's dataset.


The Syná wallet includes an iPhone and Android mobile dApps and a desktop app. They are meant to interact with Agora trading exchange, so you can keep any type of crypto currency in your wallet. 


The OAN is a public infrastructure that creates a new design space for Open Applications.


SIBEX is the world’s first fully decentralized technology enabling peer-to-peer OTC Trades directly between Bitcoin and ETH/ERC20 Tokens.

Aion Mining Pool

We’ve built and operated the largest Aion mining pool and continued to develop smart mining solutions to improve the mining efficiency.


The Syná+ browser extension enables secure keystore and transactions on the blockchain via a user-friendly interface that allows consumers to interact with many decentralised applications while in a browser.


BulletID is a platform for tracking of bullets all the way from the manufacturing line, to the suppliers and end customers. Every information is stored in the blockchain.

Aion Miner

We’ve worked on improving the standard Aion Equihash miner by parallelising many of the computations and also analyzed several versions of Equihash algorithm and improved the CUDA computations.